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A Word to the Reader
Draw Souls to Sin:
Device 1 – The Bait & Hook
Device 2 – Painting Sin With Virtue’s Colors
Device 3 – Extenuating & Lessening Sin
Device 4 – Presenting Best Men’s Sins But Hiding Their Virues
Device 5 – Presenting God as All Mercy
Device 6 – Persuading that Repentance Is Easy Work Soon Done
Device 7 – Making the Soul Venture to Sin ‘Occasionally’
Device 8 – Presenting the Outward Mercies that Vain Men Enjoy
Device 9 – Presenting the Crosses, Reproaches & Sufferings of the Holy
Device 10 – Frequently Comparing Themselves with Those Reputed to be Worse
Device 11 – Polluting & Defiling the Judgment with Dangerous Errors
Device 12 – Presenting Wicked Company as Desirable
Keep Souls from Holy Duties:
Device 1 – Presenting the World so as to Ensnare the Soul
Device 2 – Presenting the Dangers & Sufferings that Attend Holiness
Device 3 – Presenting the Difficulty of Performing Religious Duties
Device 4 – Working Within to Falsely Construe What Christ Has Done
Device 5 – Presenting the Poverty of Those Who Walk in God’s Ways
Device 6 – Presenting Those in the World Who Despise God’s Ways
Device 7 – Casting in a Multitude of Vain Thoughts
Device 8 – Persuading that Men Can Rest in Their Holy Performances
Keep Souls in a Sad, Doubting Condition:
Device 1 – Causing Them to Look at Their Sins & Not Their Savior
Device 2 – Causing Them to Make False Definitions of Their Graces
Device 3 – Causing Them to Misunderstand Providential Crosses
Device 4 – Persuading that Their Graces are Counterfeit
Device 5 – Suggesting that Their Conflicts are No Different Than Hypocrites’
Device 6 – Suggesting that Goodness Has Fled Because Christ Is Not As He Was
Device 7 – Hounding the Soul With Its Frequent Relapses Into Sin
Device 8 – Persuading the Soul that Its State is Not Good
Destroy All Sorts & Ranks of Men:
The Great & Honorable:
Device 1 – Working Them to Seek & Greaten Themselves
Device 2 – Engaging Them Against the Saints
The Wise & Learned – Working Them to Pride in Their Abilities & Engaging Those Against God
The Saints – Working Them to Divide Against & Devour One Another
The Ignorant – Drawing Them to Neglect & Slight Knowledge
Five More Devices to Keep Poor Souls from Believing:
Device 1 – Suggesting to Souls the Greatness & Vileness of Their Sins
Device 2 – Suggesting to Souls Their Unworthiness
Device 3 – Suggesting to Souls a Lack of Preparations or Qualifications
Device 4 – Suggesting to Souls Christ’s Unwillingness to save
Device 5 – Working Sinners to Mind More the God’s Secret Decrees Instead of Their Duties
Seven Characteristics of False Teachers
Propositions Concerning Satan & His Devices
Reasons of This Discussion
Helps & Uses
Download all audios: Download Zip