Discovering the small number of true believers, & the great difficulty of saving conversion; wherein is excellently & plainly opened these choice & divine principles:

  1. That there is a God, & this God is most glorious.
  2. That God made man in a blessed estate.
  3. Man’s misery by his fall.
  4. Christ the only redeemer by price.
  5. That few are saved, & that with difficulty.
  6. That man’s perdition is of himself.
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Foreward & Intro
Chapter 1 – That There Is A God, & This God Is Most Glorious
Chapter 2 – That This God Made All Mankind At First In A Most Glorious & Happy Estate, Like Unto Himself
Chapter 3 – That All Mankind Is Fallen By Sin From That Glorious Estate He Was Made In, Into A Most Woeful & Miserable Condition
Part 1
Part 2
Chapter 4 – That The Lord Jesus Chirst Is The Only Means Of Redemption & Deliverance Out Of This Estate
Chapter 5 – That Those That Are Saved Are Very Few; & That Those That Are Saved Are Saved With Very Much Difficulty
Chapter 6 – That The Grand Cause Of Man’s Eternal Ruin, Or Why So Many Are Damned, And So Few Saved By Christ, Is From Themselves
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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