Matthew 16:24 – “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

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The Epistle Dedicatory
In General
1. The Extent of Self-Denial
2. Reasons of This Duty with Enforcements
3. Signs We Omit or Practice It
4. Helps From Scripture for Our Furtherance in It
Observations Concerning This Duty
Specific Kinds of Self-Denial
Brief Intro
Deny Our Own Righteousness
1. How difficult it is
2. Danger of not denying
3. Signs it is not denied
4. Remedies & cures
Deny Our Own Wisdom
1. How far to deny
2. How difficult it is
3. Signs it is not denied
4. Reasons to deny & directions
Deny Our Own Strength & Graces
1. Consequences & weight of this
2. How far to deny
3. Signs it is not denied
Deny Our Dependence on the Supplies of the Outward Life
1. That this sin exists
2. How evil it is
3. Signs it is not denied
4. Cure & remedy
Deny Our Self-Will
1. Submit to God’s laws by holiness & obedience
1. The difficulty
2. Motives to enforce it
3. Rules for direction & trial
2. Submit to God’s providence by patience
1. How far to submit
2. Grounds of this submission
3. Helps to it
Deny Our Self-Love
1. See how far self-love is criminal
2. Kinds of this criminal self-love
1. Doting upon or admiring our own persons
1. To whom this evil is incident
2. How it discovers itself
3. How odious it is
4. Some remedies
2. Our interests & enjoyments
1. Description
2. How it is measured
3. Identifying it
1. What are its acts
2. What shows its reign & state
3. Some remedies
Deny Our Self-Seeking
1. What is it
2. Evidences of it
3. The necessity to deny it
4. The difficulty
5. Remedies
Deny Our Self to Our Neighbor
Conclusion with Condemnation of Self-Lovers & Self-Seekers
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