Well, it’s about that time! Almost 150 days ago, we started putting our older does in with Shatner, our billy goat. Actually, Sue put Winnie in with him a little earlier than the rest because she looked like she was in heat; and apparently she was, because she just “dropped” (slang for giving birth) two new kids — two females.

Sue and I have both sung in barbershop quartets in the past, and so we thought we’d call them Adeline and Nellie. (Can you guess the songs?) And so, here is Adeline on the left and then bottom, and Nellie on the right and then top, in the two pictures, respectively:

New Goat Kid Does Adeline and Nellie Playing on their Dam Winnie
New Goat Kid Does Adeline and Nellie Next to Winnie

And here’s a video of them (they’re about a week and a half here):

Video of New Goat Kid Does Adeline and Nellie

Once again, we are grateful to the Lord for granting this provision, and a safe delivery; and we look forward to any goat milk He grants from Winnie once we start milking her.

— David