Throughout the summer, even with us entering into a drought situation again, the Lord has granted that we be able to keep the garden going, sometimes by watering from the cistern, and now watering by bucket bailing and hauling pond water in a cattle trough. While the pond water process takes some effort, God has granted, by His mercies, that it start to pay off.

Here is our carrot haul from this year from earlier in the summer. For some reason, the carrots just didn’t work out too well this year. Not sure what the difference was, but we are thankful to have received these:

Spring Garden 2012 Carrots

And here is where things are now approaching the end of summer. These are the black-eyed peas:

Spring Garden 2012 Black-Eyed Peas
Spring Garden 2012 More Black-Eyed Peas

And here are the tomato plants. We’ve had a decent amount of tomatoes come from them throughout the summer, although they ended up being cherry tomato size…it could be due to the lack of rain, but I suppose I might have accidentally bought cherry tomato plants. 🙂 However, they’ve just started to blossom and start to show fruit again, so we are looking forward to those, if the Lord wills:

Spring Garden 2012 Late Summer Tomato Plants

Finally, here is the mulch gardening bed I planted in black-eyed peas and I mentioned in our last garden update. I tried watering them for a while, but just couldn’t continue to spend the time or water resource on them. There are a few there, but I don’t believe we’re going to see any beans from them:

Spring Garden 2012 Late Summer Black-Eyed Peas in Mulch Gardening Bed

We are very thankful to the Lord for granting the provisions for the garden and provisions from the garden this year, and we pray for those continued through the fall, according to His will.

— David