I mentioned in our 2014 goat kid blog post that I’ve been busy with seasonal chores, which I hope to write about soon; but they have also kept me from work on the house. Not much has been done since the upper west siding was finished, but on this last “first Wednesday of the month” community work day, which actually ended up being second Wednesday so more folks could participate, the men came over to our place; and we continued putting up ceiling panels!

And so, here are some of the sights of that work….

Here, the guys are finishing screwing in the rough-shod, T-111-like panel. We’re using 1 5/8-inch Deskmate screws:

Screwing in the Ceiling Panel

Then us getting ready for a panel:

Preparing for Ceiling Panel Installation

And placing it. Although they’re lighter than other 4-foot by 8-foot panels, holding them over your head for any length of time gets a bit tiring. 🙂 :

Placing the Ceiling Panel

And holding:

Holding the Ceiling Panel While Installing

Here is the cutting crew…first measuring:

Measuring a Ceiling Panel for Cutting

Then cutting:

Cutting the Ceiling Panel

And here is the west end of the house, with the main panels in place!

West End of Great Room with Main Paneling Done

And here is the east side:

East End of Great Room with Main Paneling Done

And this shows a bit of the library, which is the part that still needs to be done:

The Library Still Needs to be Done

Here are the fellows relaxing at the end of the day:

Relaxing at the End of Community Work Day

We are thankful as always to the Lord for Him granting the resources to work on the ceiling, the safety He granted, able bodies to perform the work, and the community He has allowed us and the opportunity to work together. We always pray He glorifies Himself through these things!

— David