Continuing on from our previous community work day, working on the house ceiling, the group once again graciously came to our place to help out on our homestead!

For the guys, it was back into the house to try to finish up as much of the ceiling as possible.

And here are a few pictures of the work:

Putting Up Ceiling Panels in the House Library
Cutting House Library Ceiling Panels

And the final progress! Almost total complete now…just some edge pieces, and I need to figure out an attic access point:

House Library Ceiling Panels Complete
Another View of House Library Ceiling Panels Complete

Community Work Day Homestead Painting

The ladies and children came over too, and graciously helped out in painting just about all of the painted structures we have in our inner field area — goat sheds, chicken tractors and coups, the outhouse, summer kitchen roof fascia, the cistern covering structure, and a generator box. They sanded the wood, and then painted…

And here they are in freeze-frame action!

Still More Goat Shed Painting
Goat Shed Painting
More Goat Shed Painting
Continued Goat Shed Painting
Painting the Cistern Top

Victory over the goat sheds!

Goat Shed Painting Victory!

Painting war paint! (there’s irony in there somewhere 🙂 )

Painting War Paint

And some of the other completed structures:

Painted Mini Chicken Tractor
Painted Outhouse

We’re grateful to the Lord for granting the resources and a serving community of people to help us as we desire and try to live our lives out of love for Christ and love for each other, and thanks very much to the group for all of the help!

— David