Back in November, breeding season had arrived, so it was time to put our various nanny goats with their appointed billies. Although we showed in a picture my brother helping me with the moving of the sheds back in the spring, this time, we thought we’d take you along for the entire ride with a video of the process of moving a couple of the sheds from one field to the other, getting one group a new hay bale, and then the actual moving of several of the goats and showing them all ready to go.

Moving the sheds is something of a task, and so the video’s a little long, although I double-time it in several places, but it gives some insight into one of the important chores we have around here twice a year. Thankfully, it’s only twice a year. 🙂

Just like in our “Goat Milk?” video, the background music came from fiddle champion Tony Ludiker’s free mp3s page. The recordings have Terry Ludiker and Darin Meeks on guitar.

If anything, you might watch the last third or so, where the goat moving and interaction takes place…that’s kinda fun, IMO. Be sure to look for the Rocky-cam! (Rocky’s one of our bucks):

We pray the Lord grants the increase with the herd, according to His will!

— David