We are grateful to the Lord to be able to continue on the house!

After starting on the rest of the bedroom siding, we were able to finish the other cross wall on the east side:

Bedroom Internal Siding, East Wall

And then it was off to the library. This is the north wall:

Library Internal Siding, North Wall

And west wall:

Library Internal Siding, West Wall

And looking back toward the bedroom:

Library Internal Siding, Walkway

And with that, the visual internal siding is done! Yippee!!

I was able to continue down the middle section of the house, where the bathroom was from last time, and now this time adding the pantry siding:

Pantry Doorway

Pantry Siding

And finally, I was able to add our second screen door, this time on the kitchen door, now adding some more cross breeze!

Kitchen Screen Door from Outside

Kitchen Screen Door from Inside

Again, we thank God for allowing these provisions for the home, and again we pray it is a place where people meet for the glory of His name! Thanks again to those who are making the house building possible!

— David