This is our journal of what we pray is our sojourn of life (Hebrews 11:8-10) along the narrow way (Matthew 7:14), even the old paths (Jeremiah 6:16), submitting to the Bible as a light unto both (Psalms 119:105). It is our prayer that these documented moments in our earthly time benefit whom God might choose to edify, but ultimately that God glorifies Himself through them.

Providence’s Perpetuation Provisions: 4 More Rounds of 2016 Chicks (6th-9th)

The Lord graciously granted another 4 rounds of chicks to hatch out — our 6th through the 9th of this year!

This is group 6:

New 2016 Chicks, Group 6

She actually hatched out 9. Sadly, this mommy was very over-reactive to everything, and I think she ended up stepping on several of the little ones. We lost 5 that first day, and 1 more the next, several of which had openings through the skin in their little bodies exposing their insides.

They’re so tiny…

Dead 2016 Chicks

One of the 3 left also got out one day and got its foot caught in a mouse trap! I found it running around with it attached. I was worried it might lose all use of its talon, or get gangrene, but over time, God granted it heal, and it’s running around now like nothing happened. We’re thankful!

Group 9 obviously had some interesting things with it, but as for the rest of the groups, things have gone very well, save maybe 1 or 2.

Here is group 7:

New 2016 Chicks, Group 7

And group 8:

New 2016 Chicks, Group 8

And group 9:

New 2016 Chicks, Group 9

At one point, I pulled the mommies from groups 6 and 7 and put the 3 from group 6 in with group 7. A few days into it, I heard frantic cheeping from their room, and when I got back there, I discovered one of them had been basically scalped, I assume by the others. I figure it got pecked at, it caused an opening or blood to show, and then its little head became a target.

But, it’s not dead yet, and so I moved it into the empty room and have been coating its skull with Neosporin morning and evening, and we pray maybe God would grant it healing.

I’m calling it Scalpey: 🙂

Scalped 2016 Chick

Finally, here is the video of all 4 groups. Look for one mommy’s extreme closeup moment! 🙂

As always, we are grateful to the Lord for granting any chicks, and the continued provisions from Him in this way!

— David


  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations on all the hatch lings for the year thus far.. We had a few of our Cuckoo Maran's go broody, but nothing came about once the weather got too wacky for a proper incubation period.

  2. David and Susan Sifford

    Thank you Jeannie…we are very thankful. And sorry to hear nothing happened with your broody hen.

    — David

  3. Anonymous

    I am writing to ask you if Scalpey made it? I hope so. I said a prayer for the little guy.

  4. David and Susan Sifford

    Hi Carrie,

    Yes! Scalpey is still going! It has its skin back, some feathers on top but mostly bald in the recovered place I believe. It's a feisty little thing too — pecks at me when I go to grab it at night to put it in the coup. 🙂

    Thanks for asking! We are thankful the Lord has granted healing for it. 🙂

    — David

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