This is our journal of what we pray is our sojourn of life (Hebrews 11:8-10) along the narrow way (Matthew 7:14), even the old paths (Jeremiah 6:16), submitting to the Bible as a light unto both (Psalms 119:105). It is our prayer that these documented moments in our earthly time benefit whom God might choose to edify, but ultimately that God glorifies Himself through them.

Providence’s Perpetuation Provisions: 2017 Goat Kids

The results of breeding time 2016 are in and gone now, and so we thought we’d introduce you to 2017’s goat kids!

First, this is our buck Rocky. Even with a leg injury, he’s still able to get the job done!

Our Buck Rocky

And our new buck Shakespeare…first round with our does for him. He’s shown dragging a stick so he doesn’t jump the fences. Also, we had him dehorned because they appeared to be growing over themselves and causing him grief, although the dehorning operation was quite some experience, where after numbing the area, the vet used a cord saw to saw through, Shakespeare screaming the whole time…arg…and just wow. Because the sinus cavity extents into the horn, he then sutchered head skin over one hole, but didn’t have much for the other one; and so, we’ve been keeping it wrapped or covered with antiseptic and triple antibiotic gel when necessary. Thankfully, it’s slowly healing:

Our Buck Shakespeare

Here are some pictures from some of them earlier in the year:

Lucy & New Kids
More Lucy & New Kids
Winnie & New Kids
Winnie's New Kids
Closeup of Winnie's Kid
Goat Kids Sleeping Together
Brand New Hannah Goat Kid
Closeup of Brand New Hannah Goat Kid

And then let’s go around the horn, introducing each doe & her kids…

This is Pammy, with her kids Toro and Pablo. We thought Toro looked like a tiny Longhorn bull, and then kept the Spanish naming idea for his brother:

Pammy & New Kids Toro & Pablo

And here is Adeline, with her kids Leah, because she looks like her mommy, and we took the “L” from her name; and Arielle, because her coloring was black/grey/black and reminded me of an Oreo cookie, and so we used the “A” from her mom’s name as well:

Adeline & New Kids Leah & Arielle

And then this is Annie with her kids Paula and Linus. Paula, because she looks like Pablo, and Linus because he looks like Adeline and we just used the “L” from her name:

Annie & New Kids Paula & Linus

This is Gracie with her doeling Dottie, because she has a dot on her nose. Gracie had a buckling too, but he sadly died in less than a day. Gracie started having rumen problems at the time she gave birth, so Sue faithfully bottle-fed Dottie in a partial manner to help supplement:

Gracie & New Kid Dottie

This is Hannah with her kids Cicely and Bison. Where the black comes from, we have no idea, since Shakespeare was the daddy. The buckling looked like a Bison to us, so we started there, and then went with Cicely to kind of match. Bison was interestingly born three hours after Cicely, and Hannah ended up basically rejecting him, not letting him suckle, so Sue picked up this job too:

Hannah & New Kids Cicely & Bison

Next is Lucy with DeForest, William and Leonard. Lucy was first to go this year:

Lucy & New Kids DeForest, William & Leonard

And this is Nellie with her kids Ricky and Nelson. We started with Nelson because he looked like his mama, and then added the Ricky. Sadly, Nellie had a still-born, but these two were just fine:

Nellie & New Kids Ricky & Nelson

Here is Marie with her kids Maxine, Laverne and Patty. Little Laverne next to her was quite spunky. Sue started to supplement bottle-feed her too the last few weeks, just because she was so small. If you look, where did Patty, the white one in front, come from since Marie’s mate each year is Rocky? We weren’t sure Rocky was getting the job done, so for a very short period of time, we put Shakespeare in with her. Well, it appears both bucks got to her! 🙂 :

Marie & New Kids Maxine, Laverne & Patty

And finally, her highness Winnie with her kids Shelly, Shelton, and Della. The two “Sh” names because they look like Shakespeare, and Della for the “D” in Adeline, whom she looks like:

Winnie & New Kids Shelly, Shelton & Della

And here is their video for the year, including the goodbye as they went to their new owner, and a few snippets after that — look for Annie at the end showing off fine goat behavior!

We are always very thankful to the Lord for granting these provisions of the goat kids, and our buyer friend to come get them each year. And we are thankful for the milk from them, which we are able now to use, along with eggs, exclusively to feed our pig. And thanks to Sue for your faithful milk collecting!

— David


  1. Judy

    Your goats look great! Love those LaManchas. �� We have a young doe that has had rumen problems as well. I know it's hard to watch hem having trouble when all the others are in such good condition. It blesses us to see you all prosper.

  2. David and Susan Sifford

    Hi Judy,

    Well, thank you, and thanks to the Lord.

    When we start seeing the loss of appetite and usually can hear gurgling or sloshing in their left side where the rumen is, we starting giving twice a day (or more), at least at first, a water cocktail with 1/2-1 teaspoon baking soda, and ground up chlorella for a nutrient boost, and we've been giving a finger dollop of a probiotic. This has seemed to work pretty well for us.

    Do you have an suggestions for handling rumen problems?

    Thanks again, and thanks for saying hello!

    — David

  3. bayougirl

    Love those goats! Thanks for the post.

  4. David and Susan Sifford

    Hi bayougirl,

    Thanks much…we are very grateful.

    And thanks for saying hi!

    — David

  5. Judy

    David, I will have to give your remedy a try. I don't have a good one of my own. I have had a case of this kind of rumen problem clear up shortly after we found where a goat had passed a wad of baling twine in her stool. My vet says that can often be the problem, so we've had to learn to be tidier in our pasture housekeeping.

  6. David and Susan Sifford

    Hi Judy,

    Wow! I could see how that might cause issues! Glad it ended up ok. 🙂

    All the best,

    — David

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