Middle Fall rolled around this 2019, and it was time to put our billy goats with their respective nannies for breeding time! We do it around beginning to mid-November to try to get kid delivery happening after March, because we’ve had snow here into early April before.

Sadly though, our oldest goat this year, Pammy, died early Fall. It was kind of suddenly…just one night in the barn, even all bundled up with sweaters and blankets, so we’re not sure exactly what happened. She had a sweet disposition, was one of the originals here on the land, and will be missed. We thank the Lord for the many kids and much milk He granted from her!

Here she is with her first kid for us, 10 years ago:

Pammy with Her 2009 Kids

And her last ones last year:

Pammy with Her 2018 Kids

What a good mommy! 🙂 Again, we are thankful to God.

But time continues, and it was time to put the goats together. We are down to 5 females now, and we really want to keep any next female from Hannah, the most LaMancha female we have, and so with Pammy gone, we moved Lucy to be with the “older” group (Hannah & Annie) with Shakespeare, and kept the 2 sisters, Adeline and Nellie, to be with Elvis:

Here’s Shakespeare:

Goat Buck Shakespeare

And Elvis, sans his horns. If you read last year’s breeding time blog post, we talk about how Elvis was going after Marie and using his horns as weapons. Well, in the off season, we took him to the vet, and polled him, and now he can’t do that. 🙂 We’re thankful this worked, as we were not going to be able to keep him if it didn’t:

Goat Buck Elvis

Here’s me getting a shed in place after dragging it behind the truck on our shack caddy from one yard to the other:

Getting Goat Shed in Place

And the dogs are ready! (to watch, at least) 🙂

Dogs Watching Ready for Goat Move

And here is our video of putting the groups together for this year:

As always, we are thankful to the Lord for the provisions of the goats. We pray He might grant kids in Spring, and safe deliveries, and help through the Winter. And again, we are thankful to Him for allowing us to have Pammy and for the provisions He granted from her!

— David