The last work we did on the barn loft was putting up the stairs.

We spent a lot of time last year cleaning up around here, and part of that was clearing out the barn. And part of that was wanting to move stuff we were going to keep up into the loft, but there wasn’t much room left, so the plan was to go vertical and add shelves!

And here’s how building the first set unfolded…

Here’s part of the wood stack:

Wood Stack for Barn Loft Shelves

And the first frame. I doubled the long boards because I was planning to span 5 feet between support posts. And I put the cross pieces 16 on center:

Barn Loft Shelf Frame

I set each leg with screws and then bolted them with 3/8 inch lag screws:

Barn Loft Shelf Leg Bolted

I used the speed square to try to square up the leg:

Squaring Leg to Shelf

Here are all 3 legs on one side:

Legs Done One Side of Shelf

And then I flipped it over:

Shelf Flipped to Other Side

And did the other 3 legs:

Shelf's Other Side Legs Attached

And then turned the whole thing upright:

First Shelf With Legs Upright
Another First Shelf With Legs Upright

Then, after building the other 2 shelves, and with the help of the guys here, we attached the other shelves:

All 3 Shelves Attached
Another All 3 Shelves Attached

I also added leg braces at the bottom:

Leg Brace

Several of the turkeys roost in the loft at night, and here are the natural results of their eating! 😀 Straight to the compost pile!

Turkey Droppings Piles

And here are the shelves done:

Final of Barn Loft Shelves

And then loaded with “stuff”! 🙂

Barn Loft Shelves Loaded with Items

Another of Barn Loft Shelves Loaded with Items

We are thankful to the Lord for granting the resources to further organize here and store His blessings of provisions!

— David