Well, we had an uninvited guest flying around in our house the other night. At first, I thought it was a barn swallow, which we commonly have around the house here, since they build nests on the porch rafters. But as it flew by me at around eye level, I wondered….and sure enough, when it landed up on the wall, it sure looked like what I had now suspected it was…a bat! We figure it must have tailgaited when one of us came in from outside.

Hm, what to do. So, I went and got a fish net we have (which, by the way, works great for swooping up runaway chickens! 😀 ), set up the ladder, and with a piece of cardboard, rounded up the bat, and then took him outside and let it go.

Here’s a little video of the event! To me, it looked like a flying mouse. The cats were sure interested in it, although I assume they thought it was a bird:

I don’t know what grief it could have caused us or the cats in the house, but we thank the Lord we were able to scoop it up and out.

— David

P.S. If you don’t understand the reference in the title of this blog post, a long time ago there was a TV commerical for a fast-food burger joint where an elderly lady was complaining of the competitor’s hamburger size compared to the bun, asking “Where’s the beef?” 😀