The Lord has graciously continued to grant more chicks this 2021!

This was a surprise pair, group 3. I heard some cheeping in the barn, and eventually tracked it to the loft, and sitting on a bucket of rope on the shelves in the left was a mama and a chick! Whaaaat? An egg had fallen off as well, but I grabbed her and her youngin’ and all the eggs and put her in the brooder barn in a caged area, and she ended up hatching out another one, so we have these 2 extras now this year!

Since this picture, one had gone knock kneed (ie. its knees bending the wrong way slightly) and spraddle legged, but I put an electrical tape binder around its legs to keep them together but spread apart like normal, and have been working with it, and at least now it’s able to keep itself upright. The other one is now out in the chicken pen:

3rd Group of 2021 Chicks

And here’s group 4. We put 12 eggs under this mommy, and not a one was unhatched…wow!

4th Group of 2021 Chicks

And here’s group 5, which has 5 chicks in it! (although 6 were hatched, 1 died pretty quickly)

55th Group of 2021 Chicks

And here’s a video of them all. Group 3 I had to film at night because the mama hen was starting to pick on them, so I had to get her out of there that night:

Video of 3rd, 4th & 5th 2021 Chicks Hatchings

As always, we are very thankful to God for Him graciously granting these new provisions on the homestead!

— David