It’s been a while again, but I thought we’d catch everyone up with a Longhorn update!

With two years of drought, we haven’t carried a herd sire in a while. But, try as I might to get the young ones off before being “viable”, we ended up with a few calves this year. Even though unplanned, we do thank the Lord for the provisions!

The only thing, is there were several potential sires, so we really don’t know which is the daddy of each. One of the potential was I think 1/4 Jersey or something like that too.

And then, the neighbor’s Dexter got in with the herd for about 18 hours last year, and two of the calves born were within two days of the normal gestation period from him being with them, so he could be the sire of a couple of them. And judging from the size and color of the light chocolate brown calf in the video, he might be, at least for that one.

So with all those unknowns, we certainly wouldn’t keep any of the calves, since we try to keep the purity of the Spanish Longhorns, and are part of the CTLR, a registry that attempts to do that.

One very sad note though: One of those two calves died on day six. We don’t know what the cause was. She was only the second calf that I’m aware of since we have had the Longhorns that has died early. Very sad, but we know these things are of the Lord, and we always look to see if He is saying something to us spiritually in them.

But now, here is the latest video, including the three other calves:

We are grateful to God for His gift of the cattle!

— David