Well, after wrapping up at our corporate jobs and packing up all of our stuff with the help of our families back in California, the sojourn began. The date was Sept. 20, 2005. David was driving the moving van, and Susan was following in our Tercel with our pet fishes in the front seat and our pet rabbits in the back seat. We made it to the edge of the California border by the first day, into New Mexico by the second, and into Texas by the third. We decided to stop about 4 hours or so out from our land (as we had driven 8 or so hours already; plus we thought it would be better to arrive in the morning when Michael and the guys could help us unload), and then on into Brownwood where our storage facility was located. The guys helped us unload there, our unloading continued at a storage container on the land, and we spent the first night on the 23rd on the land.

The drive was an interesting experience for both of us in different ways. We had walkie-talkies and head sets with which we communicated the whole way, so that was nice.

From David: My driving of the moving van put me up in the air where the truckers are, and so I got “Keep on Truckin” signs from some as I or they drove by. I also learned some trucker etiquette: after passing a truck and if they flash their headlights, that means you are clear of their front end (because right side mirrors show objects farther than they actually are); however, I didn’t learn about that until later, and so I wondered why they were flashing their lights at me — I thought maybe I might be doing something wrong! 🙂 Also, I noticed as I drove how the big trucks (of which I was one on this trip) sort of have an ebb and flow about them as they are driving, allowing those on the on-ramps to merge nicely without having to slow down, and them maneuvering their trucks in and out of traffic like a ballet. It was quite an experience.

From Susan: It was a very surreal yet exciting feeling pulling out of the driveway that first morning. A real sense of one book, not chapter, being closed and another being opened. With everything we had been learning and the changes God was making in our worldview, I realized life as we knew it was not an option anymore. But there was a real peace that came along with that as well because I had learned as long as you are living your life in obedience to God, He will handle the rest, and He is in control, no matter what happens. With the headset walkie-talkies and pets (our fishes, Barry and Sushi and our rabbits, Buttercup and Derby) with me in our little Toyota, I didn’t feel alone at all. 😉 My mission was to just follow the big yellow moving truck, and I am thankful there wasn’t a decoy that distracted me where I would end up in North Dakota or something, although I did have to really focus on keeping up with Dave a few times. He got in a real groove moving in and out of the big trucks, and I would sometimes lose sight of him. He was up there at the same height with all the truckers, and I felt like this ant in a land of giants. It was quite intimidating at times, but I learned “the highway ballet” fairly quickly and discovered the truckers were very nice and looking out for us, for the most part. God protected us the entire time, and we didn’t have any car or health problems whatsoever, for which we were very thankful. When we passed the “You Are Now Entering Texas” sign I gulped but knew this was where God wanted us. By the way, I can now verify and have seen first hand that the stars at night are not only big, but they ARE bright deep in the heart of Texas. 🙂

And so, there was no looking back! We had arrived at our new home in Texas!

— David & Susan