And again, God graciously granted two more kids to be born to one of our nannies. This time it’s Winnie, with Shatner being the sire; and they produced two little bucks.

Please say hello to Bert (on the left) and Ernie (on the right):

New Nubian LaMancha Goat Kids Bert and Ernie

And here’s their moving picture (with not a lot of movement 🙂 ). This was about a week ago. Also, by this time, we had 17 goats total:

We thought we’d also include a video of all the goat kids being more active. I mention they sit around all day; actually, they sort of only do that for the first several days, but then are old enough to keep up eating with the herd throughout the day, although they are more active in the morning and at night. The video’s a little long, but there are some fun parts throughout it. And, you’ll get to see how Bert and Ernie’s faces look almost exactly alike:

As always, we are, and may we ever be, thankful to the Lord for all of His provisions; and we pray He grant us wisdom and guidance in the care and use of these animals, for His glory.

— David