Each year we gather together at this time as brethren around a meal in fellowship and thankfulness to the Lord for His spiritual and temporal provisions. And so, by God’s mercies, we were able to meet together for this once again!

This is before the meal time:

Thanksgiving 2012 Before the Meal

And here are the tables decorated very nicely!

Thanksgiving 2012 Table Setting and Decorations
Thanksgiving 2012 More Table Setting and Decorations

The Lord graciously supplied the meal provisions in the main courses:

Thanksgiving 2012 Main Courses

And drinks:

Thanksgiving 2012 Drinks

And desserts! YUM!

Thanksgiving 2012 Desserts

And then it was time to break bread (and turkey and all of the trimmings!) together:

Thanksgiving 2012 Fellowshipping with the Meal
Thanksgiving 2012 More Fellowshipping with the Meal
Thanksgiving 2012 Still More Fellowshipping with the Meal

After the meal, the Lord granted, and we enjoyed, a peaceful and very pleasant time of continued fellowship and hanging out together, here with the ladies:

Thanksgiving 2012 Ladies Enjoying Fellowshipping After the Meal

…and here, the men:

Thanksgiving 2012 Men Enjoying Fellowshipping After the Meal

It is our prayer that we be and continue to be a candlestick of the Church here, for Christ’s glory (Rev 1:20,11:4):

Thanksgiving 2012 Lighted Candlestick

We are grateful to the Lord for granting us this time of gathering together for His glory in thanks. May we be ever thankful for His perfections, love, condescension, forbearance, forgiveness, and the multitudes of His other graces and mercies; and by His graces and mercies may we be willingly obedient and faithful servants of Him, out of love for Him, with our hearts focused on the person of Christ, as a purified bride (continuing to be purified by Him even now, individually and as a group), with love, faithfulness, service, and forbearance to the brethren, in humility and meekness, with His continued faith unto the end, wherever that might lead. Amen.

— David