A couple to a few months ago, one of our hens went broody, we put some eggs under her, and the Lord graciously granted our first chicks of 2014! I’ve been lagging in getting this blog post done and out, as you can see, since they are about half way to being full grown. But, we wanted to acknowledge and thank God in His provisions of granting additions to the flock!

The broody hen hatched out three, and the three have made it very well, and here they are, with their mama. It looks like they are all hens too, and all Australorps as well, which is a nice bonus gift, since the Australorps are also great brooders:

First Chicks of 2014
More of the First Chicks of 2014

And here is a little video of them:

Also, we’ve had another couple of hens go broody just a few days ago. Here’s one in the mini chicken tractor:

Next Broody Hen

And the other in the piano room, although she started in a garbage can in the barn 🙂 :

And Another Broody Hen

As always, we are so very thankful to the Lord for granting any chicks and continuance of food provisions; and we are grateful for Him showing His graces and mercies in these ways.

— David