Well, once again, one of our Australorp hens got broody, and we put her in our mini-chicken tractor. Three weeks later….nothing. But, she kept setting, so we put another clutch of eggs under her, saying a prayer that maybe at least one would hatch so she would not be inclined to set another three weeks (although I was planning on trying to break her broodiness if that happened). But, indeed God did grant she hatch out some chicks — four more, all healthy, and still healthy, thanks to the Lord’s graces!

Here are a few pictures:

Fifth Set of 2014 Chicks Hatchlings
More of the Fifth Set of 2014 Chicks Hatchlings
Still More of Fifth Set of 2014 Chicks Hatchlings

And their video:

You may wonder why we do so many of these “Perpetuation” posts, like for every hatching, but for us, each time some new animals are born or hatched out, besides the wonderful and joyous miracle they are, they are also part of our living provisions, and we consider each occurrence — even each chick — to be a kind gift from God.

Again, we are thankful to Him for these new chicks and their continued good health and growth!

— David