Mid November means it’s time for our goat bucks to go to work and earn their keep! 🙂 Breeding time!

Here are all of the goats tied up for milking. We kept them here while we moved the sheds. Last year, we showed the moving of the sheds, although now I start the shack caddy inside the first goat pen and drag it into the destination pen, all the way to just about where they’re going to be set—it’s much easier that way. 🙂

Goat Does Ready for the Move

Shatner’s ready!

Shatner Ready for His Does

And Rocky!

Rocky Ready for His Does

And Sue’s bringing our first customer!

Sue Moving the First Does

And the full action of the move is in this video:

We are grateful to the Lord for granting the continued health and safety of the herd, and the opportunity once again to try to breed them. We ask He might grant what He might come Spring time, in accordance with His will!

— David