Kitchen Counter Endcaps

After the kitchen counter top was in place, I still needed to finish the endcaps.

They come in a kit, with a couple of wood pieces to attach to fill out the side, and then the laminate pieces with some kind of heat-activated glue on them.

I attached the wood pieces with a finish nailer:

Kitchen Counter Top Endcap Build Up Wood Pieces

And then you’re supposed to iron on the laminate pieces, keeping the iron at a certain temperature…a little difficult when the iron you have has to be heated up on a stove. 🙂 :

Ironing on Kitchen Counter Top Endcap

Unable to get a good temperature, I think even too hot to where the glue wouldn’t stick, I ended up just tacking them down with pin nails, which at least for me, I can’t even see:

Pin Nailing Kitchen Counter Top Endcap

Then, you’re supposed to file down the edges flush to the counter top:

Filing Edges of Kitchen Counter Top Endcap

And here they are done! I also caulked around the edges just to make sure moisture is kept out as much as possible:

Kitchen Counter Top Endcap

Another Kitchen Counter Top Endcap

Bedroom/Library Internal Siding

We’ve also been able to continue with the internal siding. On to the bedroom:

Bedroom Internal Siding West External Wall

Bedroom Internal Siding South External Wall

And then the library:

Library Internal Siding South External Wall

Library Internal Siding East External Wall

We’ve also found a new place for the piano: out of the summer kitchen and into the library — hopefully it will be a better temperature environment for it, and hopefully fewer mice will make it a home now 🙂 :

Piano in Library

And now, all of the internal siding on the external walls, except for the two closets, are done!

Fellowship Hats

And finally, one of the major reasons we are out here is for the close Christian fellowship. Here is a pleasing sign of one of those times, as we’re gathered together, and we are honored to be able to have those times here:

Hats on Homemade Amish Hat Rack During Fellowship Time

We are always very grateful to the Lord for granting continued progress on the house, and thanks again to those who make that possible, and we are most thankful to be able to live amongst people who seek Christ and desire to be full of His graces!

— David