Apparently the memo went out as several of our hens started getting broody this 2016! Sadly, the first mama stopped after 19 days (out of 21) and nothing hatched out. But the next two hens went to completion, and God graciously granted they each hatch out a set of quite a few chicks!

Here’s group 1. Sadly, yesterday I decided best to give a coup de grĂ¢ce to one little one barely alive, but all of the rest are doing well it appears!

First Chick Hatching of 2016

And group 2, all present and accounted for!

Second Chick Hatching of 2016

Then, one evening, one hen showed up walking around the open area in front of our barn with four chicks in tow! Surprise! So, we gathered them up and put them in the mini chicken tractor:

Third Chick Hatching of 2016

And here’s a video of all three groups:

We are always very grateful to God for the perpetuation of the flock, and the egg and meat provisions He grants from them! Here are some from the other day ready to be made into some chicken tortilla soup:

Chicken Meat in Pot

Again, we thank the Lord!

— David