The beginning of November came around, and it was time to put our male and female goats together for breeding time 2023!

We have two separate groups, two different buck lines, with the idea that the offspring from group 2 could be mated with the buck from group 1 to be able to be self-perpetuating without too much inbreeding.

With the time upon us, we had planned to do the move on a certain day, but I was busy in the morning some, and Sue carpe-diem’ed the whole thing and performed the move all by herself! Wow! And she did it in order to be a help to me, to take off something from my plate. I pray the Lord bless her for her diligence in serving Him by serving me.

And so, she filmed the journey that morning, and here’s the video:

We thank the Lord for His provisions of the goats, and we pray He might grant offspring in the Spring! And I thank Him for the wonderful wife He graciously granted me! 😀

— David